Our Services

Cera Restoration is proud to serve the Chicagoland area for over 10 years.  Our team of professionals are available 24 hours/7 days a week and equipped to restore and clean any size disaster. Below you'll find a list of services we can provide for you today.



  • Water Mitigation & Structure Drying
  • Fire & Smoke Eradication
  • Emergency Property Preservation
  • Personal Contents Recovery
  • Emergency Power
  • Animal Clean Up



Whether you need a contractor for your upcoming restoration project, or help in remodeling your home, Cera has the experience, knowledge and expertise to get the job done. At Cera we feel that one of the most important decisions an owner is faced with is choosing a contractor that truly understands the insurance process. With over 20 years experience in the insurance industry, Cera has the ability to facilitate the claim from start to finish. To make things easy, Cera offers a full range of construction services that are tailored to accommodate our clients throughout the planning, design and construction process. To restoring your property or making a small upgrade to your home. Every project is custom designed to meet the unique needs and wants of our client in order to create a high level of value, and to allow for efficient, effective and functional performance. Involving Cera Restoration at the earliest stages of the project significantly enhances this value.



At Cera we understand the purpose of property preservation. The Cera team works closely with financial institutions, insurance carriers and investors on protecting and preserving properties. Our goal is to ensure that each property is secured and maintained under client guidelines and local municipal building codes. Each property is inspected and fully documented with all work that has been performed, or on any potential issues that need to be addressed. We utilize the most cost-effective procedures to eliminate out of pocket expenses. Our committed team members understand the importance of communication. Cera Construction is fully committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of service.



In a fast-paced, industry, Cera’s unique services and cutting-edge expertise often overshadow the heart of what we do—which is restoration. Developing our associates’ builders expertise is a primary ingredient of our construction services. We place well educated, trained skilled builders on our projects who understand construction means and methods, sound management processes and procedures, and who embrace the highest standards for excellence in the industry. We manage our projects with on-site resources who provide the following core services:

  • Builders Expertise
  • Material Take Offs
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Control
  • On-site Supervision and Coordination
  • Project Coordination & Logistics Management
  • Project Closeout / Post Construction Support
  • Owner Move-in Coordination



Cera’s experience in the commercial market is an integral part of our company. At Cera we understand the importance of business interruption. Our qualified project managers have the knowledge and experience in disaster planning and commercial construction that allows us to provide effective planning and time critical response; which are essential to a successful recovery. By offering our clients experienced on-site supervision, reliable job performance, quality assurance, and efficient production schedules, Cera will continue to surpass our clients’ needs in the commercial construction market.

We truly understand the importance how critical down time can be to your business interruption. Cera offers pre planning services that can make the difference when disaster strikes. Call us today to schedule a disaster preplanning consultation.



Contents restoration following a fire, smoke and water damage begins with damage assessment. A content restoration professional could give you factual advice so you can determine the magnitude of the damage and the cost of repair versus the cost of replacement. Based on our assessment process, property owners can have reasonable expectations about their furniture repair and refinishing outcome. When furniture has been exposed to smoke & water for an extended period of time, it may not be salvageable due to potential deterioration and mold.

However, if furniture came in contact with dirty or contaminated water, it may be impossible to suitably clean and restore. Never the less, each situation is different and a restoration professional can help determine what items can be saved. When family heirlooms are fire or water damaged, the restoration-versus-replacement decision making process can be complex, as it will be necessary to factor in the sentimental value of the items. Antiques may be expensive to restore, but they are also difficult to replace.


A structure fire can occur when you least expect it, and the experience of such an unexpected and violent outbreak within your home can be overwhelming. We understand how devastating these occurrences can be, and we have highly trained fire damage restoration professionals that are here to assist you on every step of the way of the restoration process. Our mission throughout the restoration process, is to make the entire experience as uncomplicated and stress-free as possible for you, and to make sure that your property is fully restored to its pre-loss condition. We guarantee our results and are ready at a moment’s notice to assess and repair all aspects of fire-related property damage.

  • Our trained & certified technicians will be sympathetic to your needs and will treat your property as it was one of our own.
  • All technicians are certified by IICRC\ Clean Trust.
  • Providing you with proper documentation of the fire & smoke eradication process to ensure your property has been professionally restored
  • We work off of agreed upon pricing with your insurance carrier.



Water damage is one of the most common problems that people experience in their homes. Water may come in from heavy flash flooding, pipe burst, sewer backup or a leak in the roof.

We understand the difficulty and emotional stress that comes with a water loss. Calling the right restoration company makes all the difference in these situations. It is important you remain away from any affected areas, due to the potential bio-hazards that come with many different classifications of water. Cera’s qualified technicians are available 24/7 to address this unfortunate occurrence and help bring you and your family’s property to pre loss conditions. With our industry certified training and innovative techniques, we clean, decontaminate, and dry the affected areas.

It is essential that water mitigation begins immediately to ensure the elimination of environmental contamination and potential mold growth.